David Nilson & his 5 children
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What are your suggestions for me?!

When Bill offered to sell me Fitness Inc, his life's work, I was honored & excited.

When I came to tour the facility & meet some of the members, I was intrigued with the potential of the facility & most impressed with the culture each of you helped create. Our members are fun, kind, down-to-earth, welcoming... I have since affectionately coined the very appropriate description for this priceless culture - "the Fitness Inc Family!" :)

My life has been full of entrepreneurial adventures by choice

- this is the latest & by far the most challenging so far!

Thankfully YOU - my members & staff, and of course my greatest supporters my wife and children - have been patient, kind, helpful, and supportive, making it well worth the effort.

I am dedicated to building on Bill's solid legacy, meeting heretofore unmet potential where possible in every aspect of Fitness Inc, and providing a space & health & fitness resources second to none - all while preserving & growing the Fitness Inc Family in strength & numbers.

How many thousands - tens of thousands! - of lives will we bless on this journey together?!

Message from the former 30-year owner-

Welcome to Pocatello's locally owned and operated fitness club since 1990. I know you will experience the difference of using a locally owned and operated club. The first, and most important, difference is the owner is local and here to help you with anything you might need. Stop in and see me with your questions, suggestions, or concerns.

My wife Nancy & I bought FItness Inc. with the intention of running a good health club at a reasonable price.

June 11, 1990, we started with 17 employees and 300 members. We now have almost 5000 members and 50 wonderful staff.

Our staff means the world to us, for without them, we would not have the business we have today. We are blessed with many knowledgeable people who surround us that want the gym to thrive.

The Fitness Inc. members enjoy a facility that has been in business longer than every other gym in Pocatello. Over 50% of our members have been with us for over 10 years!!! These facilities are not necessarily only for the people who are in shape, but those who want a lifestyle change. These are folks who want to be better tomorrow, and are not caught up in the hype. Our members are your neighbors.

Do you remember when you were a child playing in your parent's back yard? Remember all the fun we had running and playing with friends? That's what it should be like in the gym. It shouldn't be boring, it should be fun! Activity is the key. Get up from that easy chair. Join in on a class, go swimming with your kids, play some basketball. Do something different every time you come in, and come in often. Fitness is for everyone!


Bill Davis,

Former Owner 1990-2020